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Cases involving missing person searches, worker’s comp, and insurance fraud are sensitive. Our ethical, confidential, and trustworthy private investigators will get the information you need: from computer forensics and countermeasures to surveillance and witness interviewing.



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Our staff of investigators consists of former law enforcement professionals, and four of our investigators have criminal justice degrees. The trained professionals of Tip of the Spear Corporate Risk & Protection Group, LLC will guide you smoothly through the investigative process so you can move forward with confidence.

We deliver by:

  • Getting the information you need

  • Working out reasonable fees that work for everyone

  • Keeping you informed

  • Protecting your reputation

  • Keeping your case (and every case) 100% confidential

About Kerry Graves, MSW

Mr. Kerry Graves is a licensed Private Investigator, Forensic Criminologist, Forensic Biologist, Certified Forensic Interviewer, Personal Protection Specialist, and Child Welfare expert. In 2018, he will publish a book discussing psychological disturbances in teenagers. Kerry has shared his expertise on 107.5 WKZL, Greensboro Sports Radio, and WGHP Fox 8; and he’s provided on-air protection for CNN and Fox media professionals. Just a selection of his accomplishments include:

  • He has performed Bloodstain Pattern Analysis and consultations for a myriad of criminal cases on the East and West Coasts.

  • He has investigated child abuse and neglect (primarily sexual abuse), and provided mental health therapy to victims of abuse.

  • He worked as a mental health therapist for 6 years, working with individuals including those who showed symptoms of psychological disturbances in the criminal realm.

  • He has served as a Clinical Instructor with the Jordan Institute (Family and Children's Resource Program) where he has taught Social Workers and Law Enforcement professionals how to investigate sexual abuse, the signs and symptoms of sexual abuse, and many other courses.

  • He has written and co-written State manuals on child welfare.

  • He was the Child Welfare Education Collaborative Coordinator for N.C. State University, where he ran the Child Welfare Education program, recruited students on the BSW and MSW level, and advised BSW and MSW students.


"You are my man. Super job last night. Thank you so much for your help last night. Excellent job, excellent reviews. Fantastic work."

— CNN protection detail
    during Charlotte protest

"Great job and one of the best jobs yet. We definitely felt safe."

— CNN Reporter

"Thank you for all your help. The attorney here in K-ville that I spoke with Friday, said she was impressed at your thoroughness. Kerry, thank you so very much for offering to help tonight. You are very kind. Oh my word, what a difficult place to get into and look casually like you are supposed to be there. I commend you for a difficult assignment. I am surprised you could get as much as you did. Thank you."

— K.F.

"Mission Accomplished!!! They are back and safe! Thanks for being there with them. Thank you for doing it!"

— T.B. (International 5 Week Protection Assignment)


2017 National Threat Assessment Center report on Mass Attacks in Public Spaces

A March 2018 report compiled by the U.S. Secret Service analyzes 28 mass attacks in the U.S., which killed 147 people and injured nearly 700 more nationwide. Some of the facts disclosed are:

  • All of the suspects were male and 64% experienced mental health issues before the assaults.

  • Prior to the attacks, 79% of the suspects engaged in threatening or suspicious behavior witnessed by others.

  • Approximately 71% of the suspects had a criminal history, one-third of which, had been charged with domestic violence. Two-thirds had a history of violence, though not all of it was reported or ended in charges.

  • During the five years before the attacks, more than half experienced financial hardships, and 82% “exhibited behaviors that were indicative of aggressive narcissism.”

  • About half of the suspects were driven by a personal grievance, whether real or perceived.

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