What Does a Private Investigator Do?

The Duties of a Private Detective

You’ve read about them in books and seen them glamourized in the movies, but many people are unaware of the many services that private investigators provide. Whether you want to locate a lost loved one, need assistance with your child custody case or require personal protection services, a private investigator should be your first call.

Before you work with any investigator, make sure that he or she is qualified and licensed. Each state has its own requirements for private investigators. In North Carolina, you have to be licensed by the Private Protective Services Board. Always ask to see credentials before you agree to work with anyone. A true professional should have no objections to providing certifications and proof of the training he or she has received.

Surveillance: One of the most effective means of gathering information is through surveillance. Watching, following and recording the actions of an individual can often give the client the necessary information he or she desires. Actions may be videotaped or recorded if legal. Details provided through surveillance can be used in some court cases as well.

Background Checks: Investigators conduct background checks to verify education, work experience, criminal records, marriages and divorces, driving records, military experience and more. Whether you are hiring an employee or dating someone new, a background check can give you peace of mind knowing exactly who you are dealing with.

Personal Protection: Executive protection and bodyguard services ensure that the client, his family and business are protected from any outside threat. The investigator will determine the risk and take action to remedy the situation. Our services include recommendations to improve security and reduce possible risk.

Court Proceedings: An investigator works with lawyers and clients to obtain necessary evidence for child custody, divorce, workers’ compensation and many other types of lawsuits. A professional investigator knows the law and how to obtain evidence that is admissible in court proceedings.

Locate people: Finding a birth parent, friend from long ago or a runaway teen can be difficult without the proper training and access to highly confidential data. With the help of a private investigator, you can locate almost anyone with very little information.

If you are in need of a trained, professional private investigator, contact Graves Investigations in Greensboro, NC. We look forward to working with you!