Should I Try to Find My Birth Parent?

Help Locating Biological Parents for Adopted Children

One of the most common requests we receive is for assistance in locating a birth parent.  Not knowing information about your biological parent can be difficult. Many children of adoption may spend their entire lives wondering about the parents that gave them up. With the help of a private investigator, finding a birth parent is easier than you might think.

The decision to search for a birth parent can be difficult. Will I upset my adoptive parents? Will my birth parents be receptive to meeting me? It is not unusual to feel conflicted and unsure as you start this process. Some questions that you need to ask yourself before you being the search for your biological parents include:

1.     Who am I searching for?
Do you want to find one parent or both? Are you interested in learning about any sisters, brothers or other biological relatives that you may have? Many adoptees expect to meet one or two people but end up with an entire family.

2.     Why do I want to find him or her?
You must take some time to think about the reasons you want to find your biological parents. Do you simply want background and medical information or do you hope to start a relationship with these people? Is someone in your life pressuring you to search?

3.     Are your expectations reasonable?
Unfortunately, not every biological parent wants to be found. Just because the private investigator locates him or her, this does not guarantee that you will have the opportunity to spend time with him or her. Often, adoptees find that their fantasies of their birth family are not always accurate. It is important to prepare yourself if this is the case.

4.     Are you going to tell your adopted family?
Many clients do not tell their families that they are searching for their biological parents. They do not want to create drama and stress if the search is unsuccessful or they find that the people they are looking for are deceased or unwilling to communicate. Take into consideration those who love you most and decide whether you want to include them in this process or not.

5.     What is the next step?
It is not unusual for the client to focus on the search and give very little thought to what happens once the results are in. Are you going to continue the relationship? Will you introduce them to your family? How will this relationship affect those who love me the most? You and your biological parents will need to set boundaries for your relationship so that both of you feel comfortable and content with the situation.

As a private investigation firm, we have been involved in numerous birth parent searches. Let us help you decide if this is a journey you want to start. With our unique skills and experience, we are able to locate birth parents all over the world. Call Graves Investigations at 1-877-638-8254.