Prove Your Case With Professional Surveillance Services

Good video documentation can make or break a lawsuit.  Whether you are entangled in a divorce, custody battle, or worker’s compensation claim, surveillance can provide the proof you need to win your case.  The indisputable evidence that is collected by surveillance will inform others of the true actions of an individual.  Private investigators use a variety of surveillance techniques to help their clients discover the truth about any situation that may concern them.

Surveillance has been a valuable tool for private investigators for years and plays a major role in the investigative industry.  Surveillance may simply involve following and watching a subject to determine his actions over a period of time.  The investigator will record what he sees and report back to the client.  Often, this is all the evidence that a person needs to determine if their loved is cheating or engaging in questionable activities.

For those clients who need concrete, indisputable proof, video surveillance may be a better choice.  Video surveillance is essential to providing the client with the most persuasive and objective evidence available.  Experienced investigators are highly skilled at taking pictures and video to obtain evidence that is not readily available to the average person.  Even in low light or from a distance, investigators have the equipment they need to get the job done.

Some reasons that a client may enlist the help of an investigator to conduct surveillance include:

  • Criminal investigations
  • Proof of marriage infidelity
  • Evidence for child custody litigation
  • Monitoring employees
  • Monitoring problem teens
  • Monitoring alleged stalkers
  • Documentation of activities of those involved in insurance claims

Capturing pictures or videos of a person’s actions is usually the preferred evidence that clients require.  Whether you require evidence for litigation or simply for peace of mind, surveillance by an experienced private investigator can give you the information you need.

If you require surveillance services, call the experts at Graves Investigations.  Their trained private investigators can provide you with video and evidence you need to win your case.  Call us at 1-877-638-8254 to find out more about our surveillance services.