Private Investigation in Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic violence affects millions of people each year. It is generally described as physical or emotional abuse inflicted by one’s spouse, intimate partner, or housemate. A domestic violence investigation allows the victim to gather evidence in order to press charges against the perpetrator.  A private investigator assists both men and women in compiling proof and documentation to pursue their domestic violence legal case.

Many times, domestic violence incidences are hard to prove. These occurrences are often “he said, she said” situations where there is little hard evidence to determine what really happened. Because domestic violence situations typically include physical violence, intimidation, psychological abuse, and the threatening behavior, many victims are hesitant to report incidences to the proper authorities.

There are many reasons that an abuse victim is hesitant to report the crime. Often, she is embarrassed about the situation. She may not want her friends, family, and co-workers to know what has been going on. Many times, the victim is so used to the maltreatment that she does not realize how bad the problem really is. Many victims are so intimated and frightened by their abuser that they are afraid to seek help.  Their abuser may make things more difficult by threatening to take away the kids, withholding access the monetary funds, or sheltering the woman from her loved ones.

Nobody can make a victim decide to do something about domestic violence.  He or she must make the choice to leave the situation and press charges if warranted. Many times, a victim will go to a private investigator for guidance before leaving. He can gather documentation and evidence of the abuse that may be used in any legal proceedings, including divorce and child custody agreements.

One of the best ways to prove physical abuse is through photographs. Taking pictures of injuries and documenting the time and date they occur is valuable and powerful evidence. Verbal or emotional abuse may be documented by recording phone conversations, saving emails, or installing hidden cameras. A private investigator will be able to assist you with this type of undercover operations that allow you to gather valuable evidence to prove your accusations. He may also interview family members, friends, and co-workers to establish that this person has violent or abusive tendencies.

If you should decide to leave, a private investigator will assist you in finding a safe place and social services that will allow you and your children to permanently get away from the abuse. Should you need personal protection for fear of retribution, an investigator who offers bodyguard services is a valuable ally to have. He can document the comings and goings of your abuser to prove that he is stalking his victim as well.

According to research done by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), four women die each day in this country as a result of domestic violence. That equates to approximately 1,400 women a year. Domestic violence should not be ignored. It can have devastating outcomes for victims. If you know of someone who is suffering, please contact the authorities in your area and encourage that person to seek help before it is too late.