Private Investigation and Child Custody

Child Custody Investigator in Greensboro, NC

Divorce can be very complicated, especially when children are involved. This is why many individuals choose to hire a private investigator when compiling evidence for their child custody cases. Through surveillance, interviews, background checks and more, the private investigator provides clients with pertinent information for divorce and child custody cases.

Divorce and custody cases can be difficult because there is often not concrete evidence to present to the court. In many cases, there is only “he said, she said” type of testimony. A good attorney will tell you how important evidence is to prove your case. This is why attorneys work closely with private investigators to ensure that their clients have the best possible presentation before the court.

Neglect and Abuse: If there is abuse or neglect in the home, it is essential to have third party documentation to present to the court. A private investigator assists clients in determining whether or not abuse is occurring. If so, the investigator will provide documented evidence that can be used to prove your case to the judge. This type of evidence is essential for protecting your child and ensuring that he or she is safe at all times.

The goal of any custody case is to find a suitable solution for a child’s care when two parents are no longer living together. A private investigator is a powerful ally in this process. His training and expertise allows him to obtain the necessary information needed to ensure that the judge makes an informed and fair decision.

Not all private investigators are qualified to assist with these types of investigations.  Be sure that you hire a professional who will work with you and your attorney to obtain the evidence and documentation needed. You will want to find an experienced professional that knows how to obtain relevant information to further your case.

Graves Investigations in Greensboro, NC works with attorneys and clients to assist in divorce and child custody cases. Our investigators are knowledgeable and experienced at obtaining relevant information for these types of cases. Contact us today to find out what our private investigators can do to help you.