NC Process Servers

Process Servers in Greensboro, NC

Service of process is the procedure used to give legal notice to an individual concerning a court or legal proceeding. There are a few different ways to serve paperwork to a person and each jurisdiction has its own rules and regulations. The most reliable and efficient way to serve papers is to hire a professional and experienced process server.

In most circumstances, a summons and related documents must be delivered in person to prove service. Proper service of process is essential for establishing personal jurisdiction of the court of the person served. Process servers must be familiar with local laws and regulations in their jurisdiction.  This is one reason that attorneys and court personnel  choose to hire a professional process server. Using an experienced server ensures that the job is done legally and in a timely manner. If done incorrectly, the entire lawsuit could be in jeopardy.

Service of process is an essential element of due process in the United States. It can be difficult to locate the person and may require a bit of investigating to ensure that the legal documents are properly served. It is not unusual for individuals to assume that they can hide in order to avoid service of process. A private investigator can locate a hard to find person and serve the necessary papers in a timely manner.

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