Locating Runaway Teens

The teenage years can by trying.  Discovering that your teenager is missing and has most likely run away can be devastating.  A private investigator is a powerful ally in locating your missing teen.  Working with local law enforcement officials, a P.I. will conduct interviews and follow leads until the whereabouts of your child is discovered.

It is a fact of life that parents and teens do not always get along.  When disagreements occur, it is not unusual for the teen to leave the home to cool off.  However, when he or she does not return, parents begin to worry.  Often, a runaway will be found quickly, usually at a friend’s house or at a favorite hangout spot.  Other times, a teen may disappear for a longer amount of time.

Parents of a runaway teen will often talk with their friends, visit the places their child likes to spend time, and even file a missing persons report with local authorities.  When parents run out of options, they often turn to a private investigator for help and support.  With missing children, it is imperative that action is taken immediately to ensure their safe return.

The private investigator, with the help of parents, will make a detailed list of friends and friends of friends to interview and check up on.  He will also secure any computer and cell phone that the teen had access to.  With computer forensics, he is able to access emails, blogs, Facebook pages, text messages, and phone records.  Often, these items lead to important information that can be useful in locating the teen.

While some teens are found fairly easily, others may take some time to locate.  It is essential that parents give private investigators as much information as possible so that they can find their teen as quickly as possible.

If your teen goes missing, contact the investigators at Graves Investigations as soon as possible.  Contact us online or call 1-877-638-8254 to speak with one of our investigators.  We work with families in Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem, and all across North Carolina and the Southeast.