Executive Protection Training

In addition to providing executive protection for corporate executives, some private investigator firms also offer training to their clients. This training is designed to help clients better protect themselves and their loved ones if they are away from their executive protection specialist. Executive protection specialists may not be able to accompany their clients at all times. Therefore, client training can be essential in ensuring the corporate executive’s safety. Some types of training that may be offered include:

• Small Arms Training: Knowing how to handle and shoot a handgun (typically revolvers and pistols) can save your life, but a lack of proper training can be dangerous. The training provided to you by your executive protection specialist will help you become a safe, confident handgun handler.

• Hand to Hand Combat Training: Being able to defend yourself at grappling distance can mean the difference between being kidnapped and escaping. While hand to hand combat can sometimes include “striking weapons” (such as knives or batons), it more generally refers to physical engagements between two or more people within grappling distance.

• Close Quarters Combat Training: “Close Quarters” refers to a distance just outside grappling distance and may include the use of weapons.

• Martial Arts Training: Your executive protection specialist may insist on teaching you the fundamentals from various types of martial arts. Some of these martial arts include Krav Maga, Combat Ju Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, and Muay Thai. Having a basic knowledge of martial arts can save your life or the lives of your loved ones.

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