Executive Protection Services

Keeping your family safe is likely one of your top priorities. Shouldn’t your corporation be as concerned about protecting its executive family?

More and more companies are using executive protection services to keep their most valuable assets safe. Executive protection professionals protect a person from physical harm through techniques and tactics that are designed to avoid potential danger. The Ford Motor Company explained in an April 2007 proxy report that “the benefits of providing these programs outweigh the relatively minor costs associated with them.”

The following are benefits to hiring executive protection services:

  • Experience and training. The most highly recruited executive protection professionals come from the ranks of government agencies and/or have extensive military backgrounds in combat and security. Protection companies then train individuals on threat assessment, defensive and evasive driving skills, weapon training, crowd control, basic emergency medical training, legal aspects of executive protection and more.
  • More than muscle. Effective executive protection programs are based on research and preparation rather than brute force. Executive protection professionals understand they represent the organization and demonstrate a rare combination of dedication, discretion and integrity.
  • Risk analysis. Personal security professionals will conduct a thorough risk analysis that identifies individuals critical to the organization and the risks associated with each person. Executive protection services will also look into the information that is available to the public online and educate the marketing and communications staffs about details that could put an executive at risk.
  • Saves time. Good protection advice takes time. Preparation to plan a five-day executive trip overseas could require up to three weeks. However, if protection is done professionally and correctly, it can afford an executive an extra hour or two a day.
  • Protects family. Harming a spouse, child or another member of the executive’s family may be easier compared with trying to harm an executive surrounded by security personnel. Executive protection professionals evaluate the principal’s home and examine whether family members should receive any training or additional protection.

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