Executive Protection: In the Office, At Your Home

Hiring executive protection (also called “close personal protection” or “bodyguarding”) for your international travels may seem like a very obvious way to protect you and your employees, but you may also want to consider hiring executive protection for your office. Not only will hiring executive protection for your office help you and your employees to feel safe, it will also help them to be more productive.

The scope of this executive protection is not limited solely to your office; your executive protection specialist can also protect you and your family in your home. When the corporate executive of a company receives a threatening letter, it often threatens the corporate executive’s family as well. Executive protection specialists will ensure your safety and the safety of your family and extended family.

Good executive protections specialists are very highly trained in a wide array of skills, including preventative strategies, risk management, and counter measures. They are also trained to protect you and your employees in a wide range of operating environments, so you can be sure of their protection whether you work in a factory, small office, or high rise. Some of the protection executive protection specialists offer includes home security systems, armored vehicles, bodyguards, background checks for your employees, and protection for your family and extended family to prevent kidnapping and extortion.

If you or anyone in your company has ever received a threatening email, executive protection may be the best solution to ensuring your protection.

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