Who Are You Dealing With? Background Checks Set The Record Straight

Whether you have recently become involved in a relationship, are considering hiring a nanny or baby sitter, or a new employee, it is important to know who exactly it is you are about to become involved with personally or professionally.

For families or single parents, leaving your children with a stranger, even a stranger who seems fully qualified and experienced, can be very difficult to accept. Even if your children will be in the care of a family friend who you think is trustworthy, you can never be too careful. A criminal background check will not definitively indicate whether a person will be safe to have in your home, but it can reveal information about your potential nanny or babysitter that is important to the safety of your family and your property.

For local small businesses, checking the criminal history of a would-be employee or business partner is just as essential as if it were a large corporation. Persons with a documented criminal or abusive history should be a prime concern when hiring new staff, and a background check will indicate whether or not they may be a good addition to your business.

Graves Investigations Inc. in Greensboro, NC offers background check services for individuals and businesses. We stand behind our thorough research and will promptly and discretely handle your criminal background check request. For more information on this service, or if you wish to discuss an arrangement for a background check to be performed, call us at 877-638-8254, or contact us via e-mail at kobla@gravesolutionsinc.com or info@gravesinvestigations.com

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