A Trusted NC Private Investigator

Typically, individuals need a private investigator in times of great stress or trouble.  It is important that they have a trusted investigator who will protect their confidentiality during a difficult time.  With Graves Investigations, you get first-class service from a trained and licensed private investigator that has worked with a variety of clients in NC, SC, VA, and throughout the entire southeast.

The job of a private investigator is to help his clients solve problems and get solutions to personal issues in their lives.  Many times, these are highly private matters that need to be kept confidential.  A private investigator understands the sensitive nature of his job and will work with you to ensure that your situation will receive his undivided attention.

Most of the time, you can limit your interaction with the private investigator to phone conversations.  This is especially beneficial to those clients who may be dealing with a sensitive issue.  Maintaining your anonymity may help some clients be more open and forthcoming with details that they may feel uncomfortable disclosing face to face.

It is important for the client to understand that the more information you can give the investigator, the better chance he has at offering you a solution.  Holding back pertinent information because you are embarrassed or uncomfortable may extend the time that the investigation will take and may jeopardize the entire process.  Clients should feel comfortable sharing intimate details with their investigator.

Be sure that your investigator gives you a detailed written report of his actions and findings.  When dealing with emotional issues, it is always beneficial to have written documentation that you can review once you are calm and able to focus.  This information may be useful if a formal complaint or lawsuit is filed in the future.

The private investigators at Graves Investigations of Greensboro offer confidential and trusted services to all of our clients.  Call us at 1-877-638-8254 for a free consultation.  We offer competitive prices and over a decade of training and experience.