Using Technology to Find Missing Persons

Missing Persons Investigator in Greensboro

Technology has become more and more a part of people’s lives today. From laptops to cell phones to cell phones that are essentially really small computers, it seems everyone in America is connected. Take a quick glance around next time you’re in a public place – you’re sure to see people connected to technology. Whether it’s a person with a bluetooth in their ear, a cell phone in their hands, or a laptop on their laps, you’ll see at least one person connected to the world of technology.

Sometimes being around people who are constantly hooked into the online world or dialed into a phone call can be annoying. However, all of this technology can be extremely beneficial to private investigators who have been hired on a case.

For instance, imagine you have a teenage son or daughter who has gone missing. If you hire a private investigator to find him or her, the private investigator will likely start by collecting as much information about your child as possible. This will include obvious things, like date of birth, friends, and places of employment. The private investigator you hire will also probably ask for access to your child’s computer so he or she can investigate your child’s activity. This can be useful for a variety of reasons. Perhaps your child searched one location repeatedly, or their browser history has a record of a flight being booked on an airline. These would lead the private investigator to believe that your child had taken off because they wanted to, not because they were forced to.

If the private investigator doesn’t find any helpful information on your child’s computer, he or she might check out their cell phone activity. Cell phones are a veritable font of knowledge – from the call records, a private investigator can find out who your child was talking to. This will help narrow down the possibilities and get you one step closer to finding your child.

Perhaps your child still has their phone with them wherever they are. By tracing cell phone signals, it is possible to find a person’s general location. If that person has an iPhone and turns on the “Find My iPhone” feature, a private investigator will be able to pinpoint that person’s exact location.

While using a teenager’s website activity and cell phone information makes it a little easier to find them, it doesn’t make it entirely easy. Adults are easier to track down than teenagers because of the trail they leave behind. If an adult isn’t attempting to disappear, it’s easy to find them through their credit card activity. Because adults are responsible for more things than teenagers, they leave a bigger trail behind them when they go places. Using this trail, as well as their technological activity, private investigators say that finding adults is typically much easier than finding a younger person with less bank and credit activity.

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