The Basics of Executive Protection

Protective Services for Corporate Executives in Greensboro, NC

Executive protection can be extremely important for corporate executives, whether your believe your job will make you a target for kidnapping or exploitation or not. As a corporate executive, you have likely already taken steps to ensure your corporation’s safety. These steps will probably include pre-employment screening and background checks. Hiring executive protection services can be just as important to the safety of you and your company.

There are a few different types of executive protection services available to you and your corporation. Some of these services may also extend protection to your family. One of these services is international protection. If you are a corporate executive who travels abroad often, you are at risk for violence, kidnapping, and extortion attempts. General executive protection ensure that you and your company, including your employees, will feel safe and secure while you are at work. This feeling of safety may increase your employees’ productivity – if they are no longer worrying about threats, they will be able to focus more on their tasks. Maritime protection can include anything from a family outing on a yacht to commercial shipping enterprises. Monetary transport protection and jewelry transport protection will ensure that your cargo reaches its destination safely. Ask your private investigator which services will best fit your needs.

International executive protection is most likely what you imagine when you think of executive protection, and rightly so. Hiring an experienced private investigator to protect you while you travel abroad is of the utmost importance, especially if you fear you may be the target of a plot. Even if nothing happens on your business trip, hiring a private investigator will not be in vain; having someone there to protect you allowed you to focus solely on the business at hand rather than worry about what might have happened.

Executive protection in the country isn’t limited solely to your place of business; your executive protection specialist may also protect you and your family in your home. If you have received any threats, you might be scared for your own life; however, your opponents also know that your family is very important to you and they may try to get what they want by threatening or even harming your family.

Every executive protection specialist will have different methods of protecting their clients. Some of the services they may offer include background checks of your employees, armored vehicles, bodyguards, protection for you and your family (including your extended family), and the installation of home security systems. The protection of family is very important; by protecting your family and extended family in addition to protecting you, your executive protection specialist is helping to prevent kidnapping and extortion attempts.

Whether you’re a corporate executive in a high rise office, an employee in a factory, or running your own small, home business, hiring an executive protection specialist can give you protection and peace of mind.

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