Private Investigation – The Basics, Part 1

The first private investigator in history created the private investigation firm in 1833. Eugène François Vidocq was a criminal and privateer. He made many advances in the field, and is often credited with introducing record-keeping, criminology, and ballistics to the process of criminal investigation. In addition, he was the first to create plaster casts of shoe impressions. Vidocq’s private investigation firm sparked a new industry for retired police and military officers.

One of the first detective agencies in the U.S. was the Pinkerton National Detective Agency – established by Allan Pinkerton in 1850. Perhaps most famous for foiling the assassination plot on President Lincoln, Pinkerton’s private investigators often performed undercover investigations and armed security.

That first private investigation agency has become an entire industry that assists clients with child custody cases, marital infidelity investigations, child abuse investigations, executive protection, background investigations, and  computer forensics. The rise of social issues, such as infidelity and unionization, has created new types of work for private investigation agencies. Insurance fraud had also become more common, and therefore private investigators have had to start investigating fraud. In addition to these, many private investigators also provide services that aren’t typically associated with the profession, including the personal delivery of summons, tracking of debtors, and technical surveillance counter-measures.

Many individuals who choose to go into the field of private investigation are ex-police officers or ex-military, former bodyguards or security guards. Many, however, aren’t any of these. Most private investigators are required to be licensed. They must keep detailed notes and be ready to testify in court.

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