Private Investigation: Matters of Money

Financial Private Investigation Services Greensboro, NC

Private investigators are most famous for their roles in finding missing persons, performing background checks, and catching cheating spouses. However, private investigators offer many more services than just these. In fact, many private investigators offer a wide range of services to a wide range of clients from individuals to corporations.

Some of the many services offered by most private investigators are services dealing with money. Whether you’re the victim of a scam or you want to know how to prevent your company from losing money, a private investigator will be able to help. Here are a few of the money-related services offered by many private investigators:

Insurance Fraud Investigator: Insurance fraud, often classified as any act performed with the intention of fraudulently obtaining payment from an insurer, can be committed by either corporations or individuals. On the surface, insurance fraud may seem like a crime that affects only corporations; however, this type of fraud can also affect the lives of innocent people. Insurance fraud investigators will investigate every aspect of allegations of insurance fraud, including interviewing witnesses, preparing written documents, and using sophisticated surveillance techniques and equipment during their investigation. Whether you’ve been accused of insurance fraud or you’re the one doing the accusing, hiring a private investigator may be what you need in order to prove your innocence or someone else’s guilt.

Corporate Loss Prevention: In this troubled economy, many businesses are feeling the effects – business has slowed, customs are few and far between, and companies may no longer be as profitable as they once were. Business owners are looking for every possible advantage they can find in this economy, even if that includes hiring someone to show them how to save money. A private investigator will be able to look at every aspect of a company, including their business model, and find places where the owner can cut back on spending. In addition to examining a company’s business model, a private investigator will also be able to tell the owner things that he or she should stop doing or things he or she should start doing.

Collections: While money collections are typically left for collection agencies, private investigators can play a part in collecting money owed to an individual or corporation. For instance, if a person or company is owed money but is unable to track down their debtor, they may hire a private investigator to find those who owe them money. This is also the case for dead-beat dads who owe child support but have disappeared without paying; private investigators can find them and help the mother get what she’s owed.

Although private investigators are typically known for tracking down people, running background checks, and performing investigations, they also offer a wide variety of services, including services relating to money and the collection of money.

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