Private Investigation: Forensic Investigation

Forensic Investigation Services in Greensboro, NC

Private investigators are thought by most people to perform background checks and surveillance on subjects. While these types of investigations do make up a majority of their work, private investigators can also be hired to perform other types of investigation, including forensic investigations. When a private investigator is hired to perform a forensic investigation, there are a number of investigative tasks that they may perform.

Bloodspatter Analysis: The analysis of blood stain patterns is a specialty field in forensics. It involves a scientific analysis of biology, math, physics, and chemistry and, if done correctly, can provide strong, solid evidence. This type of analysis can lead to a clearer picture of what happened when the crime was committed and can be used to reconstruct the crime. Private investigators performing bloodspatter analysis must be certified and licensed to interpret this important type of evidence.

Computer Forensics: While computer forensics might be most popular in the incrimination of cheating spouses and unfaithful employees, it can also be used to investigate cases of fraud, rape, cyberstalking, murder, child abuse, and child pornography. Evidence collected by licensed private investigators can be admissible in court and can therefore lead to the conviction of guilty parties. Some methods involved in computer forensics include analyzing RAM, correlating information gathered from multiple hard drives, and recovering ¬†files that have been deleted. Some private investigative companies contract out their computer forensics investigations to other companies, but this is time consuming and expensive for the client. If you’re looking to hire a private investigative company to perform a computer forensics investigation, be sure you find a company that performs these investigations in-house.

Background Checks: These are often thought to be a method of investigation reserved for paranoid parents, cautious employers, or worried spouses, but they can also be useful in the investigation of crimes.¬† Background checks involve gathering any criminal records, commercial records, and financial records of the person in question. The results gathered will include a credit score, verification of the person’s past employment, and any existing criminal history. There are a number of laws surround background checks, so if you hire a private investigative company to perform background checks, be sure they are licensed and familiar with these laws.

Whether you are the victim of a crime that no one has been convicted of or you have been falsely accused of committing a crime, it may be in your best interest to hire a private investigator to perform a forensic analysis of your case. Hiring a private investigator may, in the end, be what brings the truly guilty party to justice.

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