Private Investigation and Workers’ Compensation Fraud

Workers Compensation Surveillance in Greensboro, NC

Workers’ compensation insurance provides monetary benefits and medical compensation to employees who are injured while performing a job. While this type of insurance provides much needed protection to millions of American workers, unscrupulous employees can submit fraudulent claims in hopes of cheating their employers and insurance companies out of money.

Workers are guilty of fraud when they submit false insurance claims in order to gain personal benefits. This may include claiming an injury happened at work when it did not or exaggerating injuries to receive disability benefits. Sometimes these scam artists even involve medical professionals and lawyers in their fraudulent claims.

Some behaviors that may indicate a fraudulent workers’ compensation claim include:

  • Multiple claims submitted in the past
  • No witness to the injury
  • Delay in receiving medical treatment
  • Differing accounts on how injury occurred
  • Injury appears to have occurred outside of workplace
  • Worker was about to lose his job at time of alleged injury
  • Medical documentation and physicians’ reports are altered or fraudulent
  • Disgruntled employee
  • New hire with questionable work history

A qualified private investigator can provide videos, photos and detailed written reports to prove the legitimacy of a worker’s compensation claim. With valid proof, the claim can be verified as true or fraudulent. The proper authorities will be notified and legal action may be taken against guilty parties.

If you are concerned that you may be a victim of a fraudulent workers’ compensation claim or suspect someone else of fraud, the insurance investigators at Graves Investigations can get you the answers you need. Located in Greensboro, NC, we provide private investigation services to clients in NC, SC, VA and beyond. Call us today at 877-638-8254, or contact us online.

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