Pre-Employment Background Checks: Who Are You Hiring?

Job candidates may hand you an impressive resume, but what do you really know about them? Resumes and interviews do not give enough information about the true character of a candidate. Pre-employment background checks performed by a private investigator can prevent employers from a hiring worker who may become a liability in the future.

With a pre-employment background check, employers are able to verify the information that the candidate has supplied, including previous work history.  The private investigator may uncover other useful information including criminal history, past drug use, civil litigation, credit history, and driving records.  All of this information is useful in determining whether a potential employee’s past behaviors indicate that he or she may be a hiring risk.

Pre-employment background checks are an effective tool at identifying those applicants who have a history of misconduct in the workplace.  Theft, fraud, and previous episodes of drug use at work will be uncovered in a screening.  This allows employers to steer clear of those candidates who may be a potential liability to them in the future.  Hiring those applicants could result in a loss of customers and the destruction of your brand or image in the marketplace.

Making pre-employment background checks an integral part of the hiring process will ensure that business owners are able to reduce their risk of potential employee problems later.  Knowing as much about a candidate’s background as possible may prevent hiring personnel from making a poor choice.  Searching on the Internet will not give you thorough information and is not sufficient for hiring.  A private investigator has access to nationwide databases and information that the general public does not. He will be able to provide you with detailed reports that will make your decision to hire easier.

Graves Investigations in Greensboro, NC provides background checks for businesses and individuals in High Point, Winston-Salem, Burlington, and the entire Piedmont Triad.  Contact us today to find out how we can help you protect your business and your reputation.

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