Missing Children and Adolescents

Your teenage daughter is out on her first date. You’re waiting up until she gets home, but you can’t relax. You tried watching some TV and reading a magazine, but you’re simply too worried about your daughter to focus on anything else. After all, she’s still your baby even if she’s not a baby anymore.

Her curfew rolls around and she’s still not back. You pause and take a breath and say that she’s just running late and having a good time and that she’ll be home soon. Fifteen minutes pass, then half an hour. You try calling her cell phone but she doesn’t pick up. At this point, you’re terrified but are still telling yourself that she’s okay.

Two hours pass and there’s still no sign of her. She’s not answering her cell phone. Her friends haven’t heard from her. You call her date and he tells you that he dropped your daughter off at the end of the driveway. Now you’re really worried – what do you do first?

Your first step will likely be to call the police, and this is a good idea. However, they may not be able to do anything until a certain amount of time has passed. You don’t want to just sit and wait and hope that she comes home. You find the phone number of a local private investigator and give him a call.

Having missing children or missing adolescents is extremely frightening. As a parent, you feel it is your responsibility to always protect your children, even though the reality is that, no matter what you do to prevent them, bad things can happen. Calling the police should be your first step. While the police will do everything in their power to find your missing child, you may feel as if there’s more that can be done. By hiring a private investigator in addition to involving the police, you are getting more people involved in your missing child’s case and increasing the odds of finding them.

The private investigator you hire will likely look into anyone who may have had a motive to kidnap your child. This may include running background checks and surveillance on suspects.

Missing children and adolescents are only one type of missing persons case that private investigators can handle. Consider calling a private investigator if someone you know has gone missing, whether you believe it was voluntary or involuntary. Some scenarios that are considered to be voluntary include a person suffering from a mental illness that causes them to forget their home or be afraid of those they know, a desire for better employment that causes them to skip town, or the decision to join in a cult and cut all ties with family and friends. Missing persons cases are considered involuntary when your loved one may have been the victim of kidnapping, abduction, or, in the worst case, murder. No matter why your loved one is missing, hiring a private investigator can be helpful in returning your loved one to you.

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