Marital Infidelity Investigations

An astounding number of married couples have cheated on one another at some point. Individuals who suspect that their partner is engaged in an affair will often request video surveillance services when initiating a marital infidelity investigation. While video surveillance does provide definitive proof of this behavior, it is not the only method available to determine if the spouse is engaged in a questionable relationship. Married couples certainly would not enjoy the prospect of requesting that a stranger monitor their spouse’s activities and behavior, but when the signs add up, they can not be ignored. There are several tell-tale signs in a relationship that might indicate that the other may be involved with another person, and you may want to request the assistance of a private investigator if you notice the following:

Extended work hours and coming home late.

Often the cheating partner will begin spending a significant amount of time away from home, either early in the morning or late at night. The spouse may start coming home later and later in the evening, or sometimes not at all. This is one of the most notable signs of infidelity, although not conclusive on its own.

Indifference and changes in sexual behavior.

During an affair, marital life often suffers. The spouse participating in an affair will usually become more distant and indifferent, sometimes even hostile. They may also exhibit a significant and often sudden lack of sexual interest. Bathing habits might also be affected. Cheaters may begin showering themselves immediately after getting home, and changing clothes to avoid discovery. Drastic and inexplicable changes in sexual appetite or even physical affection like hugs, kisses or holding hands should be considered a red flag.

Excessive spending or strange bank activity.

It is a fact of life – when couples go out to have a good time, normally money is spent. Nice restaurants, hotel rooms, and other such things. Unexplained charge card transactions, or ATM withdrawals, are often one of the most noticeable factors in marital infidelity cases. Also, be aware of unusually high gas usage and vehicle mileage.


If your husband or wife begin questioning you more frequently, or for the first time, about when and where you will be on certain days, this might also suggest something is wrong. In order to avoid being caught, the cheaters much coordinate their involvement based on where their spouses will be. Asking you about your schedule more frequently does not necessarily mean you should be concerned. However, coupled with some of the other signs might raise an eyebrow.

Suspicious computer activity.

When a spouse has a fairly big secret they are trying to hide, it is likely you will consistently almost catch them if a home computer is involved – Deleting messages, closing programs or windows on the computer as soon as you enter the room. The cheating spouse may have also recently joined some organization, club, team, or other social activity that has nothing to do with you. It is common for a private investigator to analyze internet history and trace emails during the investigation in an attempt to determine the identity of the “other party”.

While there may be other possible avenues of investigation, these are the most commonly found in marital infidelity cases. Experience combined with information analysis and gathering techniques allows your private investigator to determine whether or not infidelity is present in your relationship. Unfortunately, in many cases the client’s suspicions are confirmed by the investigation, but there are many instances where a lengthy investigation is not needed to conclude that no questionable behavior is taking place. An experienced, competent North Carolina private investigator will often provide a free initial consultation to determine your needs and recommend the best course of action to uncover the truth and secure your peace of mind.

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