Locating a Birth Parent

As a child of adoption, you may have always wondered about your birth parents and their families.  Maybe you need some information about your biological family’s medical conditions or you would like to know if you have siblings out there.  No matter what your reasons, a private investigator can assist you in locating your birth parents and biological family members.

One of the most crucial pieces of information that an investigator needs is a name.  With a name, it is much more likely that the birth parent will be found.  It is often easier to locate a father first because a mother may have married and changed her surname.  Many times a name is written on a birth certificate or can be found through the adoption agency.  An adoptive parent may know the name of the birth parents as well.  The more information that you can give the investigator, the better chance he has for locating your parent.

The P.I. will launch his investigation given the information you provide.  He will need to search various databases and documents to gather more information for his search.  Hospital records as well as those from the adoption agency will be inspected and valuable information retrieved.  Information like age, occupation, and address can help to narrow the search.

Searching for a birth parent can be an emotional process.  Please be aware that some people are more difficult to locate than others.  There are those people who simply do not want to be found and may resist your attempts at a reunion.  Our investigators work carefully to uncover the leads and information that will assist you most in identifying and locating your birth parent.

Let the investigators at Graves Investigations of Greensboro, NC locate your birth parent or lost family member anywhere in the world.  Our experienced team is ready to get started.  Contact us online or call us at 1-877-638-8254 for more information.

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