Is Your Child Safe? Investigating Child Custody Cases

One of the most difficult decisions that a court must make is to determine the custody of a minor.  While divorce is often the cause for this type of litigation, grandparents, family members, or friends of the family may petition the court for custody in some circumstances.  A private investigator can provide detailed information to the court that may influence the decision of primary custody.

A private investigator will discreetly follow the target during their scheduled visitation to determine if any unlawful or improper activity occurs while your child is in your spouse or ex-spouse’s care.  The investigator can videotape and document information regarding their lifestyle, daily activities, people they associate with, and living conditions.  All of this information gives the court insight into the everyday behavior of the potential guardian.

Some clients want evidence of behavior that puts their child at risk when spending time with the target.  Video and still photos can be taken to provide proof of reckless behavior including:

  • Using alcohol or drugs when with the child
  • Leaving the child home alone
  • Driving erratically with the child
  • Failure to properly seatbelt the child in a car
  • Allowing child to participate in activities that are inappropriate for his age
  • Not caring for the child’s hygiene properly

In some cases, the client may discover that the target is not nearly as negligent as they thought.  This evidence may give the client peace of mind knowing that their child is being well cared for when visiting their other parent.

If you suspect that your child is being neglected or abused when visiting another parent, take action today.  While children have lied about abuse, it is not the norm.  If your child is telling you that they are scared or upset when visitation occurs, it may be time to investigate.

Graves Investigations provides surveillance and documentation for child custody cases.  Call 1-877-638-8254 to speak confidentially with one of our investigators.  Located in Greensboro, we work with clients in Kernersville, Winston-Salem, High Point, Burlington, and all over NC, SC, and VA.

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