Computer Forensics Investigations

With so much of our time spent on the computer, there is a lot of evidence that can be generated from computer forensics investigations.  Whether it is checking emails, social media sites, or text messages, a private investigator can use computer forensics to find relevant electronic evidence for his clients.

Electronic evidence has become crucial in much of today’s civil litigation.  Married individuals who suspect their spouse is cheating may find the evidence they need through computer forensics.  Proof of marital infidelity can be derived from emails and instant messages.  Deleted documents and websites visited can be retrieved, as can text messages from cell phones.

Employers who suspect their employees of theft or misconduct might enlist the help of a private investigator as well.  He can determine if there is some sort of misconduct by searching the computer history, emails, and deleted documents.  This investigation may produce the information that the employer needs to fire the employee or possibly launch some sort of litigation.

At Graves Investigations, our private investigators can recover electronic evidence from the following:

  • Personal digital devices including iPhones, Blackberries, and cell phones
  • Hard drives
  • Email servers
  • Internet sites, including social media sites like Facebook
  • Digital cameras
  • Zip drives
  • Web servers

Our investigators will be able to reveal Internet usage, dates, and times that the Internet was accessed.  The websites that were visited and what files were downloaded will also be discovered.  We are very careful to document this type of information should it be used in legal proceeding in the future.  A professional private investigator knows the process for preparing documents for court cases and legal cases.  We guarantee your confidentiality as well.

The private investigators at Graves Investigations have the experience and skills to acquire and analyze electronic evidence.  If you are in need of our computer forensics services, call us at 1-877- 638-8254 or email us at  We are located in Greensboro, NC.

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