Computer Forensics for Your Office and Home

Your spouse’s computer activity has you worried. You’ve noticed that windows are quickly closed when you walk in the room, and you suspect the worst – that your spouse is involved with someone else. When your spouse is away, you try to check the emails, but they’ve all been deleted. You don’t know what to do. You search “how to recover deleted emails” and find the term “computer forensics”. Could computer forensics help prove your spouse’s innocence or guilt?

While the term “Computer Forensics” sounds like something out of a TV crime drama, it has a much wider range than that. Useful in business and civil proceedings, computer forensics can involve correlating data from different hard drives and recovering deleted data. Data recovered by a certified private investigator can be admissible in court, though the certification required for this varies from state to state, country to country.

Whether you are a corporate executive or a homemaker, hiring a private investigator to perform a forensic analysis on your computer can make all the difference in your case. It can prove a cheating spouse, a child abuser, or an unfaithful employee. It can also help catch a killer. Computer forensics can be used to investigate a wide variety of crimes, including cyberstalking, fraud, rape, murder, and child pornography.

Some private investigation specialists outsource their client’s computer forensics. Other specialists perform their analyses in house. When private investigators hire another company to perform these analyses, there can be many hidden fees and it can often be time consuming.

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